All psychopaths are robots.Edit

I'm probably the only person who thinks the psychopaths are all robots. Here's why.

Adam wii

Clearly a robot.

Dead RisingEdit

Probably the most obvious example that best supports my theory is Adam MacIntyre. As soon as you approach the Space Rider he comes out, tells you that he wants to give the kids "fun rides" and attacks you. HA! That's what your AVERAGE gamer would think. It's obvious that, as well as powering the Space Rider, the console also powers Adam. If Frank shuts it off, Adam would power down, thus he guards it with his life.

Next, during the fight, he can breath fire and blow up balloons filled with a toxic gas to attack Frank, while having no separate device from which to produce these gases from. He just expels them through his mouth. How could he do that, unless he was a robot? And don't say magic. That's just ridiculous.

Derrick Duggan Corpse

Hasta la vista, robot.

Finally, his death. This is the bombshell. As he "dies", he falls over, onto his chainsaws, malfunctioning and cutting open his blood packs. And then he laughs. Normally at first, but the longer he spends on his chainsaws, the lower his voice gets. I mean, you can't deny that he SOUNDS like a robot as he does this. Thus: Robot.

(PS: Get me PROOF that Adam's theme was remixed to make Slappy's theme and I'll...go down on you.)

Dead Rising 2Edit

Wind forwards a few years. Let's pick a psychopath, or rather: A GROUP of psychopaths: The hunters. Now I know what you're thinking: How can a bunch of drunk redneck snipers possibly be robots? They're SNIPERS. They must have laser-sight, heat sensors, that sort of thing. But whoever made them wasn't smart enough to single out who they should fire upon, so he decreed that their personalities should be of those who hate EVERYONE, giving them multiple targets to fire upon.

Jherri Attacks

Robots lift.

Dead Rising 3Edit

Let's go now to perhaps the final chapter in our saga here. On to one of the most confusing psychopaths in my opinion: Jherii. Let's analyse this like I did Adam, because, let's be honest, the last one wasn't so detailed.

So first of all Nick wanders into the gym, and sees Jherii pumping iron. He mistakenly calls her a man, and she gets all upset, blah blah. Then Nick calls her a man again. What strikes me as odd is that she says that Nick's not going to beat her. This is a malfunction, clearly, because how can a MAN win MISS Gigantic California? Besides, she never even touched on the fact that Nick called her a man again. Then she gets a little angrier, lifts up a barbell like it was a bar of soap, and attacks.

Now, during the cutscene (and the fight) you may or may not notice a corpse on the floor. This could be a zombie. This could just as easily be a fellow competitor. Remember: "No one and nothing is getting in my way!" Perhaps this is another malfunction. 2spooky4me. Anyway...

Jherii wields her barbell like the Star Wars kid and is generally pretty strong. Hyper-strong suspension is what it is, not strength. She throws dumbbells at you like a child throws tantrums, and exercises to taunt you. And her death. Oy vey.

As she dies, Jherii manages to pull a trophy stand down on top of her. This part I don't get, robot or not. Surely if she's stronger than the stand (thus able to pull it down), why did she die from it? Glass shards? Component damage? I don't know, but there we go. She's been terminated. But we're not done yet, oh no. Not by a long shot.


Now, I suppose you're wondering about the supposed flaw in my brilliant logic. "Hey, Mr. Pinstripelli, I totally buy this whole robot psychopath thing. But who would have made them?" Well the answer is: Albert! Yes, the greedy doctor himself. Why? Well, I have an interesting backstory for you. Don't bash it; it makes sense.

Greed fighting Nick

Amateur footage

Albert Contiello is a successful doctor in South Almuda, Los Perdidos. Carlito Keyes and Albert somehow meet each other before the events of Dead Rising. Carlito tells Albert about the Ampulex Compressa Giganteus parasite and his terrorist plot, and Albert takes his side and makes a deal: Carlito spares Albert's life and in return the doctor agrees to create an arsenal of his own, to destroy any survivors who aren't killed/turned in the initial outbreak, made from survivors that have been "improved" with the power of robotics. Carlito agrees, Albert finishes his first creations, and lets them loose in the Willamette Mall. Carlito starts the attack against Willamette, Colorado, and the events of Dead Rising take place.

Albert continues working on his machines as his career as a doctor gets worse. After Carlito's tragic death, Frank West tells various news teams of what happened in Willamette. Albert discovers this, and, panicking over the death of his partner, tries to make sure it doesn't happen again by contacting Phenotrans, the makers of Zombrex. He tells them about the robots he makes, and, inspired, a member of Phenotrans called Raymond Sullivan tells them about their plot to infect Fortune City, Nevada to harvest more Queens to make Zombrex. Raymond asks Albert to make more psychopaths to, once again, massacre any survivors that aren't already (un)dead for a large cash sum. Motivated by greed, Albert agrees. The events of Dead Rising 2 follow.

Living in luxury, Albert no longer has to work as a surgeon, and he only remembers parts of his job. He never hears about Chuck Greene escaping the military firebombing, and thus assumes his job was successful, so he doesn't have to make any more robots either. His spare machines are unused, and remain so until ten years later, when a final zombie outbreak occurs in Los Perdidos, California, his city of residence. Discovering this, and with no money left after his greedy spree on worthless pursuits, he begins desperately reprogramming and reinstalling the spare psychopaths he had left over, including one that won't even get up to fight. When Nick finds him while attempting to destroy a crate of military supplies, Albert says that he's not a doctor; "more of an entrepreneur" since his big loss. He attempts to harvest the organs of several survivors, including Nick's, but, after a fight between the two, Albert ends up ripping his guts out. Notice how he's weaker and slower than all other psychopaths. And the final point? He's a storyline boss. You have to fight him, making him important to the plot. Thus: Creator.

(Also Hunter and the rest of the Kings of Chaos aren't robots because the player can control Hunter, and it would throw a wrench into my theory if the rest of them weren't. So just go with that.)

Dead Rising KartEdit

The next game in the Dead Rising series. Set around the time of Dead Rising 3, the game follows Nick Ramos as he attempts to get out of town by winning races, escorting survivors and defeating psychopaths under the watchful eye of Albert.


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