Adding Badges was an interesting idea, but ultimately a failure...

Obsessed over getting the Zombrex Edition for 360 when it comes out.

Left 4 Dead Rising is the most epic crossover theory since the dawn of gaming.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero[edit | edit source]

Total: 12/12 200G
DR2 CZ 010 A bigger taste....pngDR2_CZ_09_A_Taste_of_Things_to_Come.pngDR2 CZ 03 Chop Shop.pngDR2 CZ 012 Clueless No More.pngDR2 CZ 011 Locksmith.pngDR2 CZ 07 Part Way There.pngDR2 CZ 08 Ready to Ride.pngDR2 CZ 06 Small Town, Deep Pockets.pngDR2 CZ 02 We Ride To Fortune City!.pngDR2 CZ 01 Still Creek Saviour.pngDR2 CZ 05 Zombie Exterminator.pngDR2 CZ 04 Zombie Hunter.png

XBL[edit | edit source]

My Live is gonna expire soon, but if you're curious, my gamertag is Fenrakku

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