aka Jacob Steakfries

  • My occupation is Celestial Refresh Roleplayer
  • I am Male

About meEdit

Billy mays dead
Jakeinator - You shut your mouth when Billy Mays is talking.
TALK - 01:11, September 21, 2010 (UTC)
I'm not dead I swear!
A Frank-West
Voice Actor Jake Smith
Age 18
Notebook Description Crazy Guy riding around in a robot, killing all in sight except for pretty ladies.
Job Guy who covers wars.
Weapon Mech, Real Mega Buster, Laser Sword, Hand-To-Hand Combat

Imma gonna try to get to day 7. For more deatils check out the blog, it's been delayed thanks to school. I feel Deja Vu.

I am Jake, and I will change this Wiki. I will make this a god wiki. How? Well I covered wars ya know. I am a creative Writer and plan on working for Valve when I get my degree.

Xbox Live: Koolasucas

PSN ID: JakeWuzHere

Stuff I did:

Moved to blog

Made the Memes Wiki (Got a Frank West Page that is my goal to fix, any Ideas?):

Me on Celestial Refresh Wiki: (Base of Operations)
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