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"When I edit a Wiki, I stick with the Wiki."


Hi, I'm MagcargoMan, and I'm a big fan of Dead Rising. I reckon that it is one of the best zombie games available. Dead Rising 2 is great as well, but there's so much to do and such a restricting time system (even stricter than the one in the first game). I've finished both Case Zero and Case West. I've got all of the achievements on Case Zero.

I think the new achievement system is cool, but I think it's stupid that you have to redo things you've already done just to get them.

I don't really want to edit anymore. I know what my quote says at the top of the page, but Wikia's new skin is akward and just puts me off editing.

Also, if any Dead Rising Wiki users like the iPod Touch/iPhone app Pocket God, it would be really good if you helped out Wikipedioog (Pocket God Wiki).

I also edit Minigore Wiki and Game Center Wiki.

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I created the following articles:

Also, all my articles have trivia, unless someone removes them.

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I have some really cool blogs. Check them out!



  • 500 Edits: 4:06 PM, 22/06/10 - I did it! My first milestone!
  • 1000 Edits: 10:12 AM, 04/09/10 - I did it! 1000 edits!


  • 25 Articles: Not yet. Getting there.
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