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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Hi. Call me Mistertrouble or Troubleman. I love Dead Rising. I love saving survivors! I am an admin here on this wiki, so feel free to hit me up with questions/comments.

I originally got the Wii version and beat it after a week, but was disappointed with the less number of zombies and absence of the psychopaths and survivors... A few months later, I bought Dead Rising for the Xbox 360 and LOVE it. My first file, I beat it, including Overtime mode.

I've beat Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 many times with all survivors rescued and all cases completed, acquiring the true ending. Saving all survivors while dealing with the cases can be frustrating at some times. I've also beaten Dead Rising 3 and Dead Rising 4 but was a little disappointed in both of these games. Not enough focus on story/side mission/survivor content.

Leave a message on my talk page if you need me. I am most concerned with survivors and psychopaths on this wiki and will do my best to update/edit those pages. Plus, I will be doing extensive updating to my three above pages (and on the survivors pages for each of the three games).

Outbreak Pages[edit | edit source]

Rebecca Chang, Channel 6 News

The Willamette Incident

The Still Creek Outbreak

The Fortune City Disaster

The Phenotrans Facility Outbreak

The Los Perdidos Outbreak

The Second Willamette Outbreak[edit | edit source]

The following events that took place during Dead Rising 4 have been declared non-cannon.

Sixteen years after the Willamette Incident that devastated much of the town, Willamette was re-developed and a new mall was constructed, the Willamette Memorial Megaplex. The mall opened on Black Friday in 2022 and was frequented by thousands of residents and visitors from out of town. Unfortunately, a new viral outbreak began at the mall entrance, which quickly spread throughout the mall creating carnage and death as Zombrex and the vaccine was ineffective against this new strain. Shortly after reports of the outbreak began rolling in, Obscuris, a paramilitary group under contract with the Pentagon, initiated a quarantine in Willamette and set up headquarters at the Willamette Army Reserve base in North Peak in northern Willamette. A media blackout was activated and the outbreak with the new strain was kept quiet. Unfortunately, this meant that everyone in Willamette was trapped and unable to flee. Additionally, Obscuris was not providing any humanitarian or relief efforts for survivors. Instead, survivors were left to fend for themselves amidst tens of thousands of zombies, gangs of hostile bandits, and the Obscuris soldiers who would detain and supposedly execute any survivor they came across. Six weeks gone by and the outbreak in Willamette was still kept quiet. By then, the number of survivors left dwindled to a few hundred as many were killed over time, either by zombies, hostile people, and even by starvation and freezing to death due to the harsh winter. During the re-development of Willamette, the ZDC established several emergency shelters to be used by survivors in the event of an outbreak or other disaster. Emergency shelters were constructed in each of Willamette's main neighborhoods, including Old Town, West Ridge, North Peak, and a shelter was added beneath the mall with tunnels connecting to the other shelters. At the beginning of the outbreak, dozens of people flocked to these shelters hoping for rescue. Overtime, people left the shelter to try and escape or ride out the outbreak elsewhere (ie. their homes) and eventually all of the shelters were breached, either due to an infected person or zombies being let in by nefarious individuals.

Six weeks after the outbreak, journalist Vicky Chu sneaked into Willamette to investigate the outbreak, followed by Frank West and ZDC Director Brad Park, whose helicopter was shot down by Obscuris. The two men survived as their helicopter crashed into mall, which had been completely overrun with the dead.

Ultimately, Willamette remains overrun and set for military destruction after Calder broke loose and much of the Obscuris forces were killed off, including the commander and her lieutenant. While the emergency shelters have been cleared, many of the survivors are left with an unknown fate as supplies dwindle and the situation worsening in the streets. However, several survivors were able to successfully escape Willamette, including investigative journalist Vicky Chu and ZDC Director Brad Park who evacuated in a helicopter from the mall and another group consisting of city engineer Kylie Hammond, mechanic Jessa Yatsuda, bartender Connor McMann, miner Jordan Maxwell, butcher Isaac Tremaine, and photojournalist Frank West, who hijacked one of the last Obscuris helicopters at the winery and escaped town.

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