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Just a huge Yoshi fan that loves to edit on a lot of wikia sites. Hey, I'm The Yoshiman 97 (feel free to just call me Yoshiman or Yoshi), and welcome to my page. I'm an admin here on the Dead Rising wiki, and any questions just ask. I am a fan of Dead Rising, the gameplay is great, the story was surprising, and the weapons were over the top. Dead Rising was great, and the game is one of the reasons I edit here. I am also a big fan of other games, I play Mario (of course), Fallout, Oblivion, Dead Rising, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Zelda, Soulcalibur, Call of Duty, Rock Band, Super Smash Bros., and many others, I play anything that wants to be good. I started off a Nintendo fan with my N64 (which is now broken), but has since moved on to other while not forgetting about the classics as well. I've played and have gotten a Game Boy Color, PS2, GBA, Mac (no games on it), Gamecube, DS, DSi, Wii, and an Xbox 360. I'm a nice guy, and we can be friends, that is, if you want to be friends. So any questions you can just ask me or the other admins here, because admins are here to help. Edit often, don't flame, and overall enjoy the site!

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I also have an Xbox Live gamertag: SonofNone1313. To the right is my gamerpic, my rep, country, gamerzone, recently played games, and my gamerscore, which is low compared to some of my other online friends. You can add me if you want, just tell me who you are first, and if you're from this site. Also, take note that I'm not usually friends with anyone that cheats online, where you're affecting other people's gaming experience. This is by things like hacking, boosting, or other things, and if you do anything that describes the above, then I honestly really don't respect you.

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