The Wiki needs help deciding how to write some articles. We're starting a poll to figure out what's the best way to write certain things on the wiki. To vote write your favorite answers in the comments section. Be sure to add why you chose your answers. Polls are closed.


Poll Question 1

Should Dead Rising 2 weapons have their own pages? or on the same page?

A. Seperate Pages
B. Combined

Examples for seperate pages: Garbage Can, Garbage Can (Dead Rising), Garbage Can (Dead Rising 2)
Examples for combined pages: What it would look like combined

Poll Question 2

Sould every page have an "Appearance" section?

A. Yes
B. No

That's kind of it (as far as I know) Type your answers out in the comments section. Edit: Polls are closed


Poll 1

A. 5 votes
B. 4 votes

I guess separate pages won.

Poll 2

A. 5 votes
B. 4 votes

I guess people want an appearance section.

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