Verlene Willis
Dead rising verlene
Age 24
Status Deceased
Notebook Number 13
Notebook Description Was trying to comfort Dana in the Entrance Plaza.
Health 300 (72 Hour Mode)
3,500 (Infinity Mode)
Weapon 2" x 4" (Infinity Mode)
Location Entrance Plaza (72 Hour Mode)

Colby's Movieland (Infinity Mode)

Killed By Zombies

Dead Rising
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"Don't leave me here!"
—Verlene, during the zombie break-in

Verlene Wells is a victim appearing in Dead Rising and Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.

She was found in the Entrance Plaza of the Willamette Parkview Mall with Dana Simms, and was killed when the zombies broke in.


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Verlene was found attempting to comfort a depressed survivor, Dana Simms. When the zombies broke into the mall, she abandoned Dana and attempted to get into a store, but the security gate prevented her from doing so.

She screamed for help but was soon killed by the zombies before she could reach safety.

Cut From the Same ClothEdit

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Kent Swanson shows Frank a picture of Verlene and Dana hugging as his "most emotionally moving shot".

Infinity ModeEdit

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Verlene appears at Theater 4 at Colby's Movieland with Alyssa Laurent from 3:07:00 to 3:19:00 and is armed with a 2x4. In her equipment she carries a Squash, a Dumbbell, a Shovel, 2x4, and a Golf Club.

Trivia Edit

  • In Cut From the Same Cloth, Kent Swanson shows Frank a picture of Verlene and Dana hugging as his "most emotionally moving shot".
  • Her photo is used for the marathon runner achievement, a joke on Verlene promising Dana that she'd be with her the whole time, but running away from Dana's side during the zombie break-in.
  • Verlene tells Dana that "help is on the way". This shows that Verlene was willing to lie to people in order to comfort them, as the only known source of escape at the time was Ed's helicopter (which only Frank knew about), and the Special Forces weren't notified about the mall's invasion until 2 days later.
  • Quotes comforting Dana:
"It will be okay, help's on the way."
"I'll be with you the whole don't worry."