Survivor Vernon
Location Dead Rising 3
Central Bridge
The Last Agent
Central City Amphitheater

Vernon is a stranded survivor in Dead Rising 3.

He can be found standing on the broken Central Bridge (on the Sunset Hills side) during Chapter 6. He will appear after Rhonda tells Nick to go to the collector's house. Nick has the option of rescuing him, and if saved, will run to a safe zone.

In the Fallen Angel DLC, he can be seen running from the military at the Sunset Hills High School as it's being attacked. Upon seeing Angel, he remarks that "they're killing everybody."

In The Last Agent DLC, he can be found at the Central City Amphitheater with Nora and Steven, being attacked by some bikers. If the group is saved, Vernon will explain that the bikers are attacking people all around a city, and gives Brad an Impact Hammer. They'll then run to a safer area.


  • He shares a character model with Kris.


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