Wade Coopwood
Dead rising wade bust
Age 32
Notebook Number 088
Notebook Description Was seen during the Fortune City outbreak.
Weapon Handgun
Location Fortune City Arena
Fortune City Emergency Shelter

"Get to the safe house!"
—Wade, shouting to Chuck & Katey

Wade Coopwood is a survivor appearing in Dead Rising 2. He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role.


In the Introduction, Wade was present during the outbreak in Fortune City, and yelled for everyone to run to the Safe House. Along with Chuck Greene and Katey, he is one of the few survivors who made it to the emergency shelter before the doors closed. When Sullivan opened the interior doors, he was granted access inside, where he awaits for rescue.

Case 6-4: BreachEdit

In Case 6-4: Breach, when the shelter is breached, he is seen being attacked by a crowd of zombies, but survives after defending himself long enough until the emergency doors were sealed.

Trivia Edit

Dead Rising 2 Wade exits cinema
*In the Fortune City Tourism Board attraction video, Wade can be seen exiting a cinema.
  • Wade Coopwood has several unused voice files, ranging from him shouting during the Introduction, to him yelling at Chuck for being shot at. [1]
  • If the cameras are disabled during the exit the stadium cutscene, Wade can be seen shooting himself after Chuck flees to the Safe House. However, Wade appears alive and safe in the shelter afterwards.[2]
  • Wade bears striking resemblance to Colin Kaepernick, the former quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers. Kaepernick also has several tattoos on his arms alike Wade.