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Wallace Hertzog is a Dead Rising 2 survivor in the missions Tape It or Die 1 and Tape It or Die 2. He is also one of the four bloggers of the website Tape it or Die, the other bloggers include Gretchen Peregrine, Jonathon Kilpatrick, and Left Hand Lance. He is from San Antonio, Texas and attended some college.[1][2][3] He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role.

v · d · e The four were live blogging from the Terror is Reality arena when an explosion breached the zombie enclosure. They were all seperated, but they eventually were reunited and took shelter in an old TV production studio in a backroom behind KokoNutz Sports Town in Palisades Mall.[4][5][6]

Combo Weapons[]

After having difficultly coming up with a weapon idea, Wallace invented the combo weapon Holy Arms.[7] He then invented the defiler. (See Defiler#Trivia for more information)

Left Hand Lance and Wallace invented the idea of Combo Cards as both a way of making money and helping others create zombie killing weapons:

"it's a handy-dandy card-based reference guide to making your own [Tape it or die] weapons! this was gonna be my big-ticket item. I was planning on either selling them individually, or maybe finding some card company and selling them on the idea, and then like packing them like baseball or MTG cards. sell as a bundle. "Get your weapon combo cards here!" and stuff like that."[8]

Angel Lust[]

Wallace is a fan of the British goth rock band Angel Lust and with "immense glee" saw the band perform in Fortune City during the outbreak:

"There were zombies everywhere, and they were just playing like nothing was unusual. I think that may be the most rock-and-roll thing you can do in that kind of situation. I tried yelling at them, to tell them to join us in the studio, but their music was so loud, I couldn't even hear myself."[9]

Tape It or Die & Tape It or Die 2[]

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Wallace Hertzog and friends sought refuge in a studio below one of the stores, however the door to the backroom that they are hiding in will remain locked until 6am to 12pm of the third day. Chuck finds all the four members in this backroom and tries to get them to follow him to the Safe House, but they refuse claiming that they are already safe and have access to supplies. But Wallace asks Chuck to bring him a Cement Saw and a stack of plates in order to build a new weapon. Should Chuck help finding the items and giving them back to Wallace, he will be rewarded with a Plate Launcher and its Combo Card, which finishes Tape It or Die 1

A day later Stacey will call Chuck about four survivors surrounded by zombies in KokoNutz Sports Town. The Tape it or Die crew is in need of assistance. Once there, Chuck helps them fend off the zombies then learns that while they were looking for an Extinguisher, Johnny forgot the keys inside the backroom. Now with no safe place left to go, the four survivors follow Chuck back to the Safe House. Once there Lance will give Chuck the Blazing Aces Combo Card while Wallace gives the Exsanguinator Combo Card.

For more information on the two missions Wallace is a part of, see Tape It or Die 1 and Tape It or Die 2.


  • Wallace's model is on the cover of the Leadership magazine.
  • Wallace's blogs are interlaced with popular American culture, including:

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  • In the blog entitled "A Post About a Postman (But Not That Movie)" Wallace Hertzog is referring to the Kevin Costner box office bomb The Postman.
  • Wallace closes the "A Post About a Postman (But Not That Movie)" blog saying, "This bud's for you!". This is a reference to a famous iconic statement in American beer commercials, created by the beer company Budweiser.
  • In "A Post About a Postman (But Not That Movie)" Wallace writes "I worked in my father's repair shop, fixing up the town's cars and motorcycles. (If I remember correctly, there were an unusually high number of Dodge Darts there.)" The Dodge Dart is a low priced car built from 1960-1976 in North America.
  • Wallace uses the same model as Lenny Mooney and Justin Tetherford.
  • In comparison to his in-game model, Wallace looks nothing like the description given on the Tape it or Die website.
  • According to his biography on the Tape it or Die website he is 46 years old, however his notebook description claims he is only 25. One could debate that this was a voluntary exaggeration from his friend Johnny Pipes, however this is probably due to an error, since his notebook description says "Older member" while according to the game Johnny is 29.
  • Wallace's description on the blog: "I’m a proud son of the Lone Star State where the long, straight roads are the perfect playground for my bikes. Riding them, fixing them, modifying them or just building them from scratch. Just like my Daddy before me."
  • In the PC files items.txt Wallace Hertzog is listed as srv_jeff.



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