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Dead rising warehouse PANORAMA.jpg
"CAUTION: This area is prone to falling objects and may contain flammable materials. Be aware of your surroundings at all times."
—Caution sign

The Warehouse is a location in Dead Rising.

It is a large storeroom filled with a with boxes, barrels, supplies and a handful of weapons. Frank must pass through the warehouse to get to the Rooftop and the Security Room beyond.


Exits to the Rooftop[]

There are two exits to the rooftop:

  1. the elevator in the back of the warehouse, which is filled with zombies later in the game.
  2. the door two stories above the warehouse floor, reached by first climbing the crates to the right of the entrance, then jumping from the shelving. There are no zombies atop the shelving, see the video below.

Infinity Mode[]

The following survivors and psychopaths will appear here at the following times, armed with the following weapons.


  • After 6pm on the first day, zombies will begin to spawn in the warehouse and the elevator until the Special Forces arrive.
  • Queens kill zombies through elevator doors. Frank can avoid getting hit by dropping the queen next to the closed elevator door.
  • The other elevators are found in the Maintenance Tunnels.