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Warehouse D is a Dead Rising 2 location found in the Underground. The area includes a Freight Bay, an Underground Loading Bay (vehicle garage), a hallway to Warehouse E, and a vehicle exit to the Silver Strip.

Case 6-2: Last Stand with insane Dwight Boykin takes place here. Case 6-3: Lean on Me, in which Chuck helps Rebecca back to the Safe House begins here.

Three orange 4x4s are found in the Underground Loading Bay.


  • The name Warehouse D comes from the Prima Official Guide.
  • The name Freight Bay is from the sign above the entrance to where Boykin is holding Rebecca.
Dead rising case file 6-2 engaged

DESTINATION: Underground Loading Bay
Rebecca is in trouble! She was last seen running to the Underground Loading Bay.

  • The name Underground Loading Bay comes from the case 6-2 engaged case screen.
  • Warehouse D is one of at least three locations which only appears after a flag in the programming is activated. Before Case 6-2: Last Stand the room past the closed metal sliding door does not exist.
  • The other locations with similar attributes are the Secret Lab where Case 7-2: The Only Lead and the zombie harvesting takes place, and the blast wall in the Atlantica Casino, which only appears after Case 3-2: Run for the Money is completed.