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Weekly Photo Magazine is a book in Dead Rising. It can be found in Contemporary Reading in Paradise Plaza.

The book allows Frank to see Prestige Point Markers over zombies' and characters' heads, which takes the guesswork out of figuring out good photo opportunities and specific genres.[1]

This is an exceptional way to locate zombies infected by Queens in Overtime Mode, as they appear as Green prestige point icons in a sea of red and blue zombie prestige point icons.


The color of the marker indicates what kind of Genre Photo can be taken from the Target:

  • Drama, a Survivor exchanging in conversation will often have an Orange Marker above them.
  • Brutality, a Survivor arguing, or a violent situation (such as a zombie attacking, or during a death scene) often results in a Red Marker meaning.
  • Outtake, a scene that provokes sense of humor, or a Zombie possessing a Queen, will be marked with a Green Marker.
  • Erotica, a female Survivor or Zombie (such as Cheryl and some of her lookalikes) showing particularly erotic parts is often marked with a Pink Marker on the spot.
  • Horror, a regular Zombie doing nothing, or an otherwise erotic shot of one of the older female survivors (Natalie and Susan) often has a Blue Marker above them or on the spot.
  • No Genre, a Survivor who is doing nothing, other than just standing there, will have no PP Marker above their Head.
    • This is the same if they are dead. Though a dead Zombie will still be marked with Horror, despite having no marker above their head.


  • The book is entitled Happenings!.



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