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Well Done Steak
Dead rising Well Done Steak
Type Food
Health Health Health Health Health Health Health
Found Microwave
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Well Done Steak is food in Dead Rising which heals Frank.

It is created by putting Raw Meat in an oven. This food item is the most healing food item available in Willamette Parkview Mall, besides the blended drinks Frank can create, healing 6 blocks of health.


  • The official game guide refers to this meat as "well done steak".[1]
  • Like the Golden Brown Pizza and heated Frying Pan, the Well Done Steak never stops steaming.
  • It is one of two cooked food items in Dead Rising, the other being Golden Brown Pizza.
  • Steam comes off it, adding realism but the steam lasts forever.
  • With the Health 1, Health 2, and Survival books, the Well Done Steak would technically heal 18 health blocks. Though just the Survival book alone will heal Frank for full.



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