White Sedan
Dead rising White Sedan
Type Vehicle
Damage 1,000
Uses 750 hits
Location Maintenance Tunnels
Dead Rising
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The White Sedan is a vehicle in Dead Rising.

It is one of three most commonly used vehicles to get the Zombie Genocider achievement, the other two being the Red Convertible and the Delivery Truck. It is the most average vehicle of all three, possessing a reasonable speed as well as reasonable durability.

The white sedan can be found in the Maintenance Tunnels, right underneath Paradise Plaza.

Attacks Edit

  • Primary: Hold down the 360 X button button to accelerate.
  • Reverse: Hold down the Abutton button to reverse.
  • Brake: Hold down the 360 X button and Abutton buttons simultaneously to brake.


Dead rising license plate
  • The authentic looking license plate on the car is from Colorado and reads "KFUN-0521".
  • The headlights are not turned on in Leisure Park during the day, but are turned on in the Maintenance Tunnels.

A white sedan was driven by a man, which can be seen during the helicopter ride while over Sycamore Street

  • The car resembles many different sedans from Acura and Infiniti. It also has the word "Srio" written on the trunk's right side, indicating that this is the car model's name.


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