"Hey, man. Anxious-looking dude trying to get into a house in Sunset Hills. See if he needs a hand."
Jamie Flynt

Will or Away is a side mission in Dead Rising 3.

Nick will get the call for this side mission after Nick defeats Diego during Chapter 5.[1] If you have any outstanding escort-type missions, Jamie will not call. You must complete, fail, or let the timer run out for Dog Gone!, Kin & Comfort and Lesser Evil before completing this mission.[2]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Nick can find a man named Phil standing outside his house in Sunset Hills. He asks Nick to go inside the house to retrieve a will left by his late wife that he needs in order to retire. Because there are now zombies inside the house, Phil isn't able to go into the house on his own. Nick agrees to find the will for him, and the front door becomes unlocked.

As Nick explores the house, he can find Warren Anderssen Jr. hiding in the bedroom closet. After clearing the room, Nick can speak to Warren about the will. Warren explains to Nick that Phil purposely flooded the house with zombies in an attempt to kill him. His mother's will left everything to Warren, and so Phil conspired to kill Warren so that he could take the will as his own. Warren has a fake copy of the will that he plans to give to Phil, and so Nick agrees to reunite the two in order to sort the issue out.

As soon as Warren is brought to Phil, Nick confronts him about trapping Warren inside the house. Phil, who is still determined to get the copy of the will, becomes hostile and attacks Nick. Nick must defend himself and kill Phil. As soon as Phil has been killed, Warren will join Nick's posse and the side mission will be completed. 

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If Warren dies after he starts following Nick, but before he reunites with Phil, the mission will immediately fail. Going back to Phil will cause him to remark that Nick's "all foam and no beer", and that he'll get someone else to help him get the will.
  • Modding the game reveals the Phil has both a portrait and programmed survivor lines, and there's also references to a Will item. Along with this is unused dialogue between Phil and Nick where Nick acknowledges Warren, implying that if Warren died, he would drop the Will, which could then be given to Phil.

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References[edit | edit source]

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