Willamette Army Reserve
"This so-called reservist training facility is in actuality a guise for an unethical paramilitary research operation. Whether the government is complicit in this take-over is unclear."
—Map Description

The Willamette Army Reserve is a location in Dead Rising 4.

It is the first area in the game visited by Frank and Vick during Case 0. It's here that they discover the new zombies in Willamette during the current time. The first area that Vick and Frank visit during Case 0 is only available during this time, and cannot be accessed outside of the story.

Later, during Case 4, Frank helps Hammond blow a hole through the exterior wall of the base to enter. Like with Case 0, the base can only be accessed during this portion of the story. Therefore, any collectibles must be collected during the time spent here or they will be missed.

Once inside the base, Frank must fight his way through groups of zombies and Obscuris soldiers. He finds Dr. Barnaby's missing research note, and a surveillance tape showing how Calder got turned into a zombie. At the end of the Case, Frank faces off with Fontana before he is able to leave the base.

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