Willamette Mysteries is a collectible in Dead Rising 4.

Frank can collect pieces of mysteries about the town of Willamette. There are several pieces to each mystery. Frank will gain PP for each clue collected, and will get a bonus amount of PP when a mystery is fully solved.

Mystery pieces are obtained by picking up newspapers. If the 'newspaper locations' map is purchased from the vendor at safe houses, newspapers will appear as yellow shields with the letter "W" in the middle on the map.

Willamette Memorial Megaplex Edit

Return of the MallEdit

Photo Map Location Description
Newspaper Thirsty Amazon
329px-Newspaper - The Thirsty Amazon
The Thirsty Amazon On a counter behind the bar.
Walkways Carribean Cove Newspaper Walkways Carribean Cove Newspaper Map Caribbean Cove On the second floor of Caribbean Cove. Climb up the staircase in the central area, then walk along the southern ledge.
Newspaper White Rook
329px-White Rook Protection Newspaper 6
White Rook Protection Inside an office on the second floor on a bookshelf.
B. Reddy Insurance Newspaper
329px-Newspaper - B Reddy Insurance
B. Reddy Insurance

Friday, Friday, FRIDAY!Edit

Photo Map Location Description
Newspaper Midway Miami Boardwalk Raceway In a drawer behind the front desk.
Newspaper Cameron's Cameras Cameron's Cameras
Newspaper Colossus Colossus Express Couriers Ltd. Behind the front counter on the ground.

Willamette Time Capsule IEdit


Location Description
Newspaper Pirate Catch Pirate's Catch Restaurant Sitting on the seat of one of the booths.

Old Town Edit

Cold SnapEdit

Location Description
Newspaper Willamette Taxi Co Willamette Taxi Co. Inside the garage of the taxi company.
Newspaper Archives Panic Room Willamette City Hall Archives Inside of the panic room, sitting on the bed.

The Old Town RipperEdit

Photo Map Location Description
Hungry Joe's Newspaper Hungry Joe's Pizza Inside the kitchen, near the alley exit.
Newspaper Dodd's Drugs Old Town Dodd's Drugs On a shelf behind the counter.
Newspaper behind Willamette Gazette Newspaper behind Willamette Gazette Map Willamette Gazette & Historical Society Inside a dumpster behind the Willamette Gazette.
Newspaper Nobleman's Nobleman's Barber Shop Laying on a couch near the entrance.
Newspaper Low Income Hotel Low Income Hotel Room Sitting on top of the toilet in the bathroom.

Willamette Time Capsule IIIEdit


Map Location Description
Newspaper Gazette Panic Room Willamette Gazette & Historical Society In the Panic Room

A Greener WillametteEdit

Map Location Description
Garrison Park Newspaper Garrison Park Newspaper Map Garrison Peace Park Underneath the playground in Garrison Peach Park.

Family ReunionEdit

Map Location Description
Tornado Newspaper Old Town Tornado Newspaper Old Town Map Tornado Convenience Stop On the magazine rack in the back corner of the gas station.
Newspaper in Cemetary Newspaper in Cemetary Map Willamette Cemetery Leaning against a pillar in the northern part of the cemetery.

Willamette Time Capsule IVEdit

Photo Location Description
Newspaper B Reddy Insurance Panic B. Reddy Insurance Office On the bed inside the panic room.

Sweet RideEdit

Map Location Description
Newspaper at Junkyard Newspaper at Junkyard Map Willamette Impound and Junkyard Inside a shipping container. Climb on top a military truck and jump to a higher level.

West Ridge Edit

Missed ConnectionEdit

Map Location Description
Newspaper Tom's Compound Newspaper Tom's Compound Map Hudson's Dairy Farm Inside the barn at Tom's Compound. Can be collected as soon as Frank is first brought here in Case 2.


Map Location Description
Newspaper Emergency Station Emergency Medical Services Station Inside one of the lockers.
Newspaper Chakra Newspaper Chakra Map Chakra Flex Yoga On one of the benches in the studio.
Newspaper Patriot Panic Room The Patriots Inside the panic room.
Newspaper - West Ridge Emergency Shelter 4
West Ridge Emergency Shelter

Baby ShoesEdit

Map Location Description
Newspaper Tornado Gas West Ridge Newspaper Tornado Gas West Ridge Map Tornado Convenience Stop On a counter in the gas station.

Mittens Finds a HomeEdit

Map Location Description
Newspaper on Chair Vineyard Golden Apple Vineyards On a chair in the foyer of the ground floor.
Newspaper Dojos Newspaper Dojos Map The Dojos On the kitchen table in the Dojo home.
Newspaper Hunters The Hunters Inside the garage.

Willamette Time Capsule IIEdit

Map Location Description
Kent Farms Fruit Stand

North Peak Edit

From the AshesEdit

Map Location Description
Rockpile Liquors
Newspaper Kapow Tires Newspaper Kapow Tires Map Ka-Pow! Tires Inside the break room on a table.
Newspaper Nickolls Newspaper Nickolls Map Nickolls Ink On one of the counters in the tattooing parlor.
Newspaper North Peak Tornado Gas Newspaper North Peak Tornado Gas Map Tornado Convenience Stop On a counter in the gas station.
Newspaper North Peak Safehouse North Peak Emergency Shelter On a stool on the bottom floor of the shelter.

Punching PresidentEdit

Map Location Description
Newspaper Glitter Dolls Newspaper Glitter Dolls Map Glitter Dolls Nightclub Behind the front counter on top of a cardboard box.

Vintage NewspapersEdit

Map Location Description
Newspaper Kippax Cement Newspaper Kippax Cement Map Kippax Cement Sitting on a stack of wood underneath a ramp. Use a vehicle to drive into the building from Freytag Furniture Factory, then drop down underneath the ramp.
Newspaper Train Yard Newspaper Train Yard Map Willamette Train Yard Southwestern section of the train yard inside a train car.
Willamette Train Yard
Newspaper Sewers Newspaper Sewers Map Sewers

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

A Greener Willamette

Baby Shoes

Cold Snap

Family Reunion

Friday, Friday, FRIDAY!

From the Ashes

Missed Connection

Mittens Finds a Home

Punching President

Return of the Mall

Sweet Ride


The Old Town Ripper

Vintage Newspapers

Willamette Time Capsule I

Willamette Time Capsule II

Willamette Time Capsule III

Willamette Time Capsule IV

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