Winnie Lee
Winnie at tower
Voice Actor Celeste Den
Mission(s) Dead Rising 3
The Hunted

Fallen Angel
Talk to Winnie

"I'm not actually infected, myself. I just think it's so, like, wrong."

Winnie Lee is a survivor and posse member in Dead Rising 3.

She is hiding with the Illegals at the Los Perdidos Communication Tower. Although she's not infected herself, she is considered a part of their group. She gets kidnapped by the Special Forces during Chapter 4 and later appears in the side mission The Hunted. If saved during the side mission, she becomes a posse member.

She also makes an appearance in the Fallen Angel DLC.

The HuntedEdit

After saving Doug Trent and Lauren Staples, Nick will get a call about the "hippie chick" at North Bridge. When Nick arrives, he will see Winnie under attack as she begs for his help.

Defeat the soldiers and speak to Winnie. She will explain that the soldiers have been killing survivors and infected and that they should leave before more arrive. She will join Nick's posse.

Fallen AngelEdit

In the Fallen Angel DLC, Winnie is the only survivor of a brutal attack by the military at one of the Illegal safe houses in South Almuda. Angel must follow Winnie and speak to her during the mission Talk to Winnie.

After speaking to Winnie, the Talk It Out achievement will unlock.


  • Toughness 2/5
  • Strength 2/5
  • Ranged 2/5
  • Break Out 4/5
  • Run Speed 4/5

Trivia Edit

  • Winnie is very naive in comparison to the other people in her group, as she believes that Special Ops are only killing the zombies, and not those who are infected but not turned.
  • Winnie is the only Illegal who is not known not to be infected. After defeating the Special Ops and rescuing her, she mentions that she isn't infected.


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