Workers Compensation
Dead rising Workers Compensation
Location Americana Casino
Start Time 10AM, September 25th
End Time 2:30AM, September 26th
Survivor(s) Brittany Beck
Stuart Holmes
PP 5,000 (Join, Each)
10,000 (Escort, Each)
"Chuck, looks like someone's vandalizing slots in the Americana! You better get over there."
Stacey Forsythe

Workers Compensation is a mission appearing exclusively in Dead Rising 2 involving a pair of disgruntled employees.


Two workers, Brittany Beck and Stuart Holmes, are vandalizing some slot machines, attempting to get money out in the Americana Casino. When confronted, Stuart will attack Chuck with his croupier stick. After Chuck has knocked some sense back into the man, he will apologize and join Chuck to be escorted to the Safe House. Upon talking with Brittany, she will then join as well.

Mission DialogueEdit

Dialogue of the mission in the Off the Record game files. All text may not be actually used in the final game.


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