ZAR Blueprints 2
Type Firearm
Awesomeness 10
Combine Assault Rifle + Shotgun
Uses 40
Location Los Perdidos Police Department
Fits in Inventory Yes

The Z.A.R (Zombie Assault Rifle) is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 3.

It can be created by combining an assault rifle with a shotgun. The blueprints are found inside the Los Perdidos Police Department.


  • The Z.A.R has 40 rounds standard but can be increased up to 80 through upgrades.
  • The Z.A.R alternates fire between the shotgun and assault rifle barrels; one trigger pull fires the assault rifle, and the next fires the shotgun. The shotgun blasts deal fire damage to enemies, whereas the assault rifle fires a single accurate shot. Both deal high damage, making the weapon very effective for dealing with a small group of zombies and many of the game's psychopaths.


  • Although the weapon is initially built by combining an assault rifle with a shotgun, it can also be comprised of any other two firearms through upgrades; even flare guns or paintball guns.
  • Funnily enough, when Nick fires the assault rifle part of the Z.A.R, he cocks the shotgun section of the weapon. This could be him preparing the shotgun part, though
  • This combo weapon assault rifle part,the Split Shot and the Shockblaster is fed from 30 round STANAG magazine.


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