Zap N' Shine
Dead rising Zap N' Shine
Type Combo Weapon
How to Make Floor Buffer + Electric Prod
Uses 50
Strength Great
PP 75
Fits in Inventory No
"The perfect combo of cleaning and killing."
—Combo Card Description

The Zap N' Shine is a combo weapon found in Dead Rising 2: Case West and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It is created by combining a Floor Buffer with an Electric Prod.

The combo card is obtained by Frank, but the weapon itself can be created and utilized by Chuck. In the case of this weapon, there are no special benefits to creating it as Frank other than the fact you will earn more prestige points for each kill.

It is heavy and cannot be stored in the inventory.

Attacks and Combo CardEdit

Case West Weapon Component LocationsEdit

Locations of weapons needed to make the Zap N' Shine.[4]

ComponentLocationSpecific location and instructionsPicture
Electric Prod
Dead rising Electric Prod
Zombie Handler The Electric Prods are taken from any Zombie Handler. There are always two Zombie Handlers right outside of the Shipping Office.
Case west zap and shine electric prod location

Floor Buffer
Dead rising Floor Buffer
Holding Pens Maintenance Room The Floor Buffer is found outside of the Maintenance Room in the Holding Pens area where “Catwalk Entrance” is written on the wall.
Case west zap and shine floor buffer location


  • The Zap N' Shine appears to be based on the Tape it or Die "Weapon of the Week: 22nd September", the Ankle Grinder.[5]



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