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James is the name given to a unique zombie found in Dead Rising 2 and Case Zero that appears in several cutscenes, including the elevator scene during the Introduction and at 7 pm on the first day in both Case Zero and Dead Rising 2, giving him a more notable status than other zombies due to his appearances and name.

During the Dead Rising 2 Introduction, James can be seen attacking a man modeled after Noah Hawthorne as Chuck emerges from the stalled elevator.

Dead rising 2 7 pm zombie red eyes justin tv00009 (2)

In both Case Zero and Dead Rising 2 , he can be seen feeding on a corpse modeled after Royce St. John[1] in the evening of the first day. He then becomes aggressive due to the clock striking 7, with his eyes turning red.


Dead rising zombie james (3)

Zombie James is Dead Rising 2

Dead rising case zero james

Zombie James in Case Zero

  • The 7 pm night fall cutscene is identical in Case Zero and Dead Rising 2 except for the backgrounds and victim. Both have a clock in the background.
    The zombie scene in both games is found in data\cinematics\cinematics_big.
    • In dead rising 2 the file is called 028_nightdead.txt. the actual movie is in data/movie/028_nightdead.bik
    • In the Case Zero cutscene, the last in the file, the cutscene is called 716_nightdead.txt.
cCineAnim cindead_james
 AnimationName = "011_elevator_2~cindead_james"
Duration = "52.7"
Time = "0"



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