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"Oh God. Oh God, she got me. She got me..."
—the Zombie Jock after getting bitten

The Zombie Jock[1] is an unnamed man that was killed and reanimated in Fortune City Arena when the zombies were released in Dead Rising 2. He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role.


In the Introduction, when Chuck first opens the elevator doors, he sees several people running around, followed by the man in a sports jacket stumbling into view, stating "Oh God. Oh God, she got me. She got me...", holding onto his stomach as blood drips out. He then stands still for a moment, and is bumped into by two other survivors, letting out a growl each time.

He then turns around to reveal that he has turned, and then starts limping towards Chuck as he attempts to open the elevator doors. But before he reaches Chuck, another man runs by, and the zombie grabs him, and throws him onto the ground, where he begins to devour him.


Frank can attack the zombie in Off the Record

Dead rising Dead Rising 2 - Missing Years jock.jpg
  • The zombie jock has a human counterpart in the files which is briefly seen in Dead Rising 2 before he is turned into a zombie.
  • The jock (along with the other fleeing spectators) emerged from the corridor where Shaun Wexler and Tom Ebersole are trapped after the elevator cutscene is over.
  • In Off the Record, Frank can attack the zombie jock as opposed to the jock disappearing after the cutscene in Dead Rising 2.
  • For some reason, he may bite Frank in the groin despite not being a female. Whether or not this is intended is unknown.[Verification needed]
  • Before the outbreak, the jock can be seen at Frank West's book signing.
  • The humanized model of the sportsman has the name cine_jock in the items.txt[2]



  1. This character is unnamed and "Zombie Jock" comes from the game files in which the name is what his model is labeled as.
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