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Zombie Rush
Dead Rising Chop Till You Drop zombie rush
Difficulty StarStarStar
Item Stock Katana
Blacktail(900 Ammo)
Semi-Auto (96 ammo)
Well Done Steak
BOOK: Giant Swing
BOOK: Serious Swords
Enemies Zombies
2 Zombie Jos
Zombie Kent
Zombie Cliff
Location Paradise Plaza
Mission Number 14
"There's a ton of zombies pouring into the mall! Go take care of 'em before it's too late!"

Zombie Rush is an Odd Job in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop. Frank must kill a hundred zombies before 4 minutes runs out.


"It took me a second try to get an S rank, but this mission is VERY easy if you know what to do. You have to kill 100 zombies in this mission. When you start, do NOT go to the left side. Some poodles will attack you, and they are more trouble then they are worth. Instead, move to the right, and kill all of the zombies. Shoot and kill both Jo zombies in the distance. Keep moving forward, and kill every zombie you see; you can switch to the Riot Gun if you like, as it's good for killing zombies grouped together quickly.

Now, do what I did in the video and turn right back around; the zombies will respawn. The reason is that beyond the point I turned around, there are parrots, and they are very, very annoying. Just go back and kill the zombies, and, if necessary, turn around and repeat the process. However, you should have close to 100 zombies by then."[1]


  • Frank will be wearing a White Suit and have a Shaved Head during this mission.


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