Zombrex 1 (Case Zero)
Case Zero Zombrex 1
Goal Give Katey Zombrex
Destination Brockett Gas Station
Description I need to get to the Gas Station and give Katey Zombrex.
Previous Case N/A
Next Case N/A

Zombrex 1 is the fourth case in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.


Since a truck thief stole Katey's Zombrex, Chuck must find some Zombrex in the town of Still Creek. After hauling a broken motorbike back to the gas station, he finds an old man in need of assistance. Once he has been escorted to the safety of his pawnshop, he will offer to sell Chuck some Zombrex for $25,000. Once purchased, Chuck must administer the medicine to his daughter in the evening before it is too late.

Giving Katey the Zombrex CutsceneEdit

Giving Katey the Zombrex
Dead rising katey
Dead rising 2 case 0 Zombrex 1 (14)
Katey is laying down asleep. Chuck kneels down next to her.

Chuck: Hey sweetie, I've got your medicine.

Dead rising 2 case 0 Zombrex 1 (15)
Katey sits up and Chuck administers the dose of Zombrex to his daughter.

Dead rising 2 case 0 Zombrex 1 (16)

Katey: Daddy? Why did Mommy bite me?

Dead rising 2 case 0 Zombrex 1 (17)

Chuck: That wasn't Mommy, sweetheart.

Dead rising 2 case 0 Zombrex 1 (10)

Chuck: It just looked like her.

As Chuck is talking to Katey, he hears a sound and turns around to see Jed Wright, The Mechanic begins.

No Zombrex CutsceneEdit

Dead rising 2 case 0 zombrex 1 (5)

Katey: Did you find some Zombrex, daddy?

Dead rising 2 case 0 zombrex 1 (6)

Chuck: No, sweetie. I'll keep looking.


  • Chuck will not get the final case complete screen until after he defeats Jed Wright in The Mechanic. Chuck can complete Zombrex 1 and The Mechanic before completing Case 0-4: Find Bike Parts, although Chuck will only have two hours at the most to repair the motorbike before the military arrives promptly at 9 pm.
  • As Chuck approaches Katey she is sitting up, but when the cutscene begins she is laying down.
  • If Chuck fails to escort Dick Jones to his store, the case, along with the game, will fail, as he is the only source of Zombrex for this case.
  • Completing this case immediately starts the mission The Mechanic.
  • Unlike a case, this objective does not follow on directly from the previous case in the narrative of Case Zero, but instead runs concurrently with Case 0-1.
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