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Zombrex 4
Zombrex 4
Goal Give Katey Zombrex.
Destination Safe House
Description Katey will need Zombrex.
Previous Case Zombrex 3
Next Case Case 6-1: Help Arrives
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Give Katey her daily dose of Zombrex.

Chuck gives Katey a last dose of Zombrex before the military arrives. Chuck tells her Katey everything will be fine and that help is coming.


Katey: Dad! You didn't let me get to the save point! I'm gonna have to restart!

Chuck: Sorry kiddo. Time for your medicine.

Stacey: Chuck - the rescue is coming soon. Sullivan said they'll save anyone at the bunker at first light. There still might be people out there that we can help. If you can get them back here in time...

Chuck: It never stops, does it?


  • In the game text files is alternate text which was not used:
    • "Why they made that game like that is beyond me. But it's time for your meds now, kiddo."


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